The construction design of the buildings is a frame type – girderless with flat roofs, solid construction. The outer walls of the basement are made of water-tight concrete, 25 cm thick brickwork made of Wienerberger bricks. Effective heat insulating materials are used, as well as such having a reaction-to-fire class according to the respective degree of fire-resistance.

The façade thermal insulation system is by the leader in the industry - Baumit, and the last two floors are made of a ventilated facade with HPL, in earth tones by the leading Dutch company Trespa.

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Six-chamber window frames with a constructive width of 80 mm of the high grade profile by Rehau Synego are implemented. To reduce the energy used for heating the building, as well as the noise, triple glazing is selected with internal low-emission glass, argon gas between the chambers and external 4-season glass.

Heating is provided by the thermal power plant, and for the hot water distribution a central system from the service station for each building was built, as well as additional possibility for reserved supply with individual water heaters. There are five power stations for electric vehicles.

An optical connection and a video intercom system for access control were built next to each apartment in the complex. The selected electrical equipment is Legrand France.
High-class elevators by the world leader - Orona Spain were used in the residential park.
Basement level is reached through car ramp. The garage doors are sectional with an automated remote control.

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