Aesthetics and quality are embedded in every detail related to the construction of the buildings. Following our desire to realize sustainable projects, in the third phase of the project are selected materials and systems guaranteeing smooth operation over time and comfort for the residents.

For a better life

  • Floor soundproofing
  • Floor heating
  • High class aluminum joinery
  • Heating from thermal power plant
  • Ventilated facade with HPL
  • Подготовка за термопомпи на Премиум апартаментите
  • Providing fresh air in the premium apartments
  • Smart Home
  • Flood prevention system
  • Facade thermal insulation with stone wool
  • Fast and reliable elevators
  • Decking and pergolas for the large terraces
  • Built-in mosquito nets to the joinery
  • Sliding doors to the terraces of the Premium apartments
  • Armored doors

Attention to every detail

High-quality materials and construction systems that meet the highest standards of modern construction are used in the implementation of the project.

Buildings will be realized

with monolithic reinforced concrete, the roofs are flat, made of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The external enclosing walls of all above-ground floors will be made of masonry with a thickness of 25 cm from brick blocks with vertical cavities.

Floor heating

Each apartment at Royal Garden phase 3 will be fitted with underfloor heating fully integrated into the screed. Underfloor heating achieves the maximum effect of natural air convection in the rooms, which allows for even distribution of heat, increasing the comfort of living. In addition, it reduces the amount of dust and allergens in the air, thus providing a healthy living environment. The underfloor heating pipes will be installed on specially designed underlays, which provide thermal insulation from the dwellings below, as well as a maximum level of sound insulation between floors. An important factor is the aesthetic advantage of the absence of radiators, radiators and other heating elements, which often interfere with the interior of the home.

High class aluminum joinery

The project will be realized with high-class aluminum joinery with triple glazing. It is resistant to variable atmospheric conditions, with excellent energy-efficient qualities and reducing the penetration of noise into homes.

Central heating from thermal power plant

Heating is provided by the thermal power plant, through individual apartment collectors enabling accurate cost accounting. For the distribution of hot water, a central system will be built by the subscriber for each building and an additional possibility of supplying with individual water heaters.

Ventilated facade with HPL

For the top floors and the building's characteristic bay windows and the accent corner of the facade are executed with HPL in light and dark earth tones to give an individual architectural appearance. The material is extremely resistant to moisture, solar radiation and fire.

Preparation for heat pumps of the Premium apartments

Heat pump installations provide maximum living comfort, regardless of whether they work in heating or cooling mode, due to the possibility of adjusting the temperature of the air with which the home is conditioned. In addition, customers will have the opportunity to use an alternative heat source for underfloor heating and domestic hot water in their apartments, regardless of the season and outside temperatures.

Facade insulation with stone wool

Stone wool will be used for facade insulation of the buildings, chosen due to a set of advantages. It is an excellent insulating material with a high ability to retain heat, resulting in more efficient heating and lower energy costs. Stone wool absorbs sound waves and reduces the penetration of external noise into the building. It has a high degree of fire resistance and excellent moisture resistance. Stone wool is produced from natural raw materials and does not contain harmful chemicals.

Built-in mosquito nets to the joinery

To provide protection against insects, we provide our customers with factory-fitted roller shutters.

Sliding doors to the terraces of the Premium apartments

With the sliding doors, you will be able to fully enjoy nature, from the comfort of your home.

A place for the installation of air conditioners is provided

An individual place for the installation of air conditioners is provided with built-in supply and condensation routes to each room. Individual elements on the facade will serve to hide external air conditioning units except. Apart from being part of the interesting exterior, they also serve to create additional natural shade.

Providing fresh air

The premium apartments will be prepared for the installation of an individual recuperative system to ensure fresh air in each room.

Flood prevention system

The system can open or close the hot and cold water tap remotely on command or according to a signal sent by a wireless control sensor.

Smart Home

The possibility of wiring the apartments according to the "smart home" concept is foreseen, allowing comfortable management of all home systems.

Parking spaces equipped with charging stations for electric cars

At the underground level, 18 places are provided, equipped with charging stations with a capacity of 11 kW.

Fast and reliable elevators with a travel speed of 1 m/s

Decking and pergolas

The open terraces of the premium apartments will be completed with a double floor of WPC decking. They will have pergolas and awnings for sun protection, with automation and integrated lighting.

Armored doors

Аrmored doors with a high degree of security and sound insulation will be implemented in the project.

Access control

The buildings will have a reliable system with levels of access control and video surveillance ensuring the highest security of the residential units, without the need for additional SOT provision.