Aesthetics and quality are input in every detail related to the construction of the project. The construction scheme of the building is skeleton - girderless. The construction is made of monolithic reinforced concrete. The roofs are flat, made of monolithic reinforced concrete slabs. The outer walls of the basement are intended to be made of water-tight concrete. The outer enclosing walls of all above-ground floors are projected to be made of 25 cm thick brick blocks with vertical cavities. High-performance heat-insulating materials and such with fire-reaction class within the respective required fire-resistance degree will be used.

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The materials selected for the building of the facade create a feeling of warmth, comfort and luxury. The decorative elements of HPL in earth colours give individuality.
Integrating elements on the facade, which serve to hide outside air conditioners, apart from being part of the interesting exterior, also serve as an additional natural shade.
The interior of the common parts relies on clean forms and individual solutions. High-quality materials of proven origin suitable for heavy loads are used. The heating system plan envisages heating by central substation for each of the buildings, located in the basement, connected to a street heat pipe. For the underground garage there is a ventilation, and smoke and heat evacuating system through fans.

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