The internal infrastructure has been adapted for a comfortable experience on the territory of the complex. The priority of the personal safety of the residents plays the most important role, that’s why we use technologies to ensure safety. 

Underground parking and garages

To ensure the convenience of the residents in the third phase of Royal Garden, various parking options are provided. At the underground level, the buildings will have 142 parking spaces, If the future owners' preference is for basement level parking, they can take advantage of 112 single parking spaces, 6 double parking spacesq and 18 places equipped with charging stations and the necessary charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Warm connections are also provided from the basement level to the two residential buildings, allowing easy access to cars from inside the building. Parking spaces are located near them, providing convenience and accessibility for people with limited mobility. 22 single and 19 double garages with a total capacity of 60 cars have been designed on the ground floor.    

parking spaces with charging stations
parking spots

Foyer with a height of 6m and luxurious common areas

Royal Garden welcomes you in an elegant and refined environment. The luxurious lobbies in the residential park have an exceptional height of 6 meters. The interior relies on calm and complementary colors and textures, impeccable details and spectacular lighting, which creates a feeling of an elegant home as soon as you enter the buildings. Common parts will be made of high-quality materials suitable for high loads.

A garden grown with love

Royal Garden’s buildings form a vast space for a wonderful garden to provide opportunities for pleasant relaxation and beautiful smoothness to its inhabitants. The designed bioplastics, in addition to having decorative functions, allows for the cultivation of different types of plants, making the green areas colourful and varied. The deciduous and coniferous species in it are specially selected to provide freshness throughout the year. The feeling of living among nature is also created by the designed recreation areas.  Cozy seating areas will provide the residents with an opportunity to enjoy peace and relaxation.

In order to ensure a calm and fun childhood, special play areas are provided in the garden, which offer a safe and fun space for the youngest residents of the complex. Here children can enjoy outdoor play in a safe environment.



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Maintenance keeps beauty alive

Controlled access and video surveillance

For the peace and security of its residents, the buildings will have a reliable system with levels of access control and video surveillance, ensuring the highest security of the residential units, without the need for additional SOT provision. Each home will have a video intercom system.

Professional maintenance

The spacious garden of Royal Garden creates a pleasant atmosphere for the residents of the buildings. In order to keep its freshness in every season, it is given special attention by professional team with extensive experience. Professional property managemnt team will take care of the maintenance of the common areas in the residential complex.