About the project

The project is being developed in three phases. The first one was completed in 2020 and is now home to its lucky owners. The second phase of the project already obtained Act 15 and is due to be completed in June 2024. In our quest to continue to realize our clients' dream of the perfect home, in January 2024 was started the implementation of phase three. The last phase of Royal Garden is a harmonious continuation of the architectural vision of the previous phases, with its own radiance, combining natural earth tones with elegant accents, clean lines and the iconic for its architecture - loggias and bay windows.  

With a vision for optimal comfort

On the upper floors of the buildings are located premium apartments with the signature Royal Garden extensive and unique private terraces, revealing stunning views of two of the hills of Plovdiv - Mladezhki Halm and Bunardjik.
Each of the apartments is designed with a vision for optimal comfort through a clear height of 2.80m, large windows and spacious living areas.

2 buildings
7 residential floors
168 apartments
2.80м clear height of apartment
18 parking spaces with charging stations
202 parking spaces and garages
6.0м high luxury lobbies

Architectural appearance

The overall architectural appearance of the buildings is complemented by a picturesque garden spread on an area of 2,600 square meters with places to relax and a play area for the small residents of the complex. Entrances and walkways are designed to provide easy access and connection to the surrounding spaces.
The buildings have 8 floors. Comfortable access to the apartments is provided through elegant and luxurious lobbies with an impressive height of 6 meters. On the seven residential floors in the two buildings are designed 168 apartments including one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom, four-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments, accessible through 6 completely separate residential entrances. On the ground floor are the premises with service functions, as well as 41 single and double garages. The buildings will have an underground parking lot with 142 parking spaces, 18 of which are designed specifically for electric cars and will be equipped with charging stations.


Each of the apartments in Royal Garden Residential Park represents an exceptional space where you can unleash your creativity, bring your vision to life and leave your own mark, creating your new unique home.

Common areas

The common areas create unique feeling of comfort for the residents of the complex and impress every guest with their architectural appearance and luxurious realization.

Easy parking

The parking has direct warm connections with the lobbies of the buildings for maximum convenience. Both single and double garages and parking spaces are available on site.

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In a unique connection with the city

Panoramic terraces for a life among nature

Premium apartments

Located on the high floors, the apartments impress with their large private terraces revealing the unique views of two of the hills of Plovdiv.

Spacious open plan living rooms with 2.80-meter high ceilings, large windows for an abundance of light. A wonderful place to relax or gather with family and friends.

Excellent layouts

All homes are carefully designed to prioritize natural light. They have an excellent layout, which ensures the possibility of flexibility in the interior solutions.

A harmonious combination of space and functionality meeting the diverse needs and preferences of each family member. Comfortable bedrooms providing privacy and tranquility.

Awarded "Building of the Year"

Royal Garden Residential Park is among the most prestigious and preferred complexes in the city of Plovdiv.

"We dedicated time and passion to plan and design a challenging and educating environment that best serves its inhabitants and is steadily evolving over time"

arch. Tsvetan Petrov

Construction term

September 2021
Start of construction
March 2023
ACT 14
June 2024
АСТ 16
January 2024
Start of construction
March 25
Аcт 14
March 2026
ACT 16