The project includes two Г-shaped residential buildings - Building 1 at the northeast corner of the property, Building 2 at the southwest corner of the property. Their layout complies with the requirement to provide an optimal space and a garden with a maximum area. Their position is in harmony with each other to create an air-conditioned internal space. The entrances and alleys of the complex are designed to provide easy access and connection to the surrounding area.
Buildings are painted in light and calming earth tones, making it easier for them to fit in the environment.

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We dedicated time and passion to plan and design an environment that best serves its inhabitants and is steadily evolving over time.

Arch. Tsvetan Petrov,
architectural bureau "Ivo Petrov Architects"

The need for the beneficial use of the directions and the demand for optimum lighting and sunlight led to the integration of individual elements as part of the architectural solution. For this purpose, loggias are designed and the glazed elements are designed to attract the maximum amount of light. The Southeast side of the buildings has large terraces positioned to become the favourite recreation area for its inhabitants.

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7Residential floors
167Parking spaces
2,85 mHeight of the rooms

The two buildings are of 8 floors, including 7 residential and one ground floor, where garages and service rooms are located. The access to the dwellings is through three entrances for each building. There is an underground parking with 111 parking spaces and direct access to the residential sections. On the ground floor there are provided 21 double and 15 single garages for a total of 56 cars.
A total of 118 dwellings - one-bedroom, two-bedroom, three-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments are available in the buildings. They are spacious with excellent floor-plan and functionality. They comply with the requirements for creating comfort for the occupants. Here, the straight regular forms are typical, easy to furnish and creating conditions for use of every part of the space. The apartments have a clear height of 2.85m.

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Architecture image