About the buildings

Royal Garden will be completed in two phases. The first phase including Buildings 1 and 2 has been entirely completed and all apartments in them have been sold. The second phase, which is currently under work consists of two residential buildings, i.e. 3 and 4. Each one has 3 sections, and the maximum number of apartments in each section is 35. The exposure of the buildings is such as to allow as much spaciousness as possible and bigger garden. They are harmoniously positioned together forming a well ventilated internal area. Entrances and alleys of the residential property are so designed as to provide easy access and link to the surroundings.

The exterior of the buildings is characterized with light and natural earth colours and materials, matching the beautiful garden and surroundings. Clear lines and functional spaces are the essence of the architectural design. The design includes individual elements, loggias and bow-windows to allow as much natural light as possible in the apartments. The upper floors of the residences consist of premium apartments with private spacious terraces which will become the favourite repose points of the owners, surrounded by greenery and fabulous views. The apartments in Royal Garden are designed with the vision for optimum spaciousness with high ceilings at 2.85 m, big windows and lighted open-space rooms.

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We dedicated time and passion to plan and design a challenging and educating environment that best serves its inhabitants and is steadily evolving over time.

Arch. Tsvetan Petrov




residential floors




parking spaces and garages

4 m

height of luxury lobbies

2,85 m

clear height of apartment

The two buildings are of 8 floors, including 7 residential and one ground floor, where garages and service rooms are located. The access to the apartments is through three entrances for each building. There is an underground parking with 115 parking spaces and 19 garages wit direct access to the residential sections. On the ground floor there are 12 single and 10 double garages for a total of 32 cars. On ground level there are 7 premises intended for offices or stores.

A total of 145 apartments - one-bedroom, two-bedroom, four-bedroom and multi-bedroom apartments are available in the buildings. They are spacious with excellent floor-plan and functionality. Here, the straight regular forms are typical, easy to furnish and creating conditions for use of every available space. The apartments have a clear height of 2.85m

"smart home" wiring

soundproof floor insulation

high quality aluminum joynery

water purification systems

2600 m2 green garden

facade thermal insulation

ventilated facade by HPL

flood prevention system

purified fresh air system for premium homes

heating by thermal power station

Building and Inovation

High-quality materials of leading brands will be used in the construction. Efficient thermal insulation materials will be used for the façade thermal insulation, and the two top floors will be made with ventilated HPL façade.
The design foresees the use of high-class aluminum window joinery.
In order to reduce the noise in the apartment, a sound insulation will be installed under the floor screed. To stay on top of the latest technology trends, additional wiring for "smart home" is provided. A filtration system will be built to remove the presence of suspended particles in drinking water and improve its taste. For the tranquillity of the residents, will be installed water sensors as part of the flood prevention system. In the premium apartments is we plan to provide fresh air ventilation system which also helps control your home's humidity.
The buildings will have central heating supplied by TPP, a central system is installed to provide the hot water distribution in each building, with an additional option for reserved supply from separate boilers. Electric car charging stations will be installed.

The structural scheme of the buildings will be skeletal - beamless with flat roofs, monolithic construction. Each residential section will have luxuriously furnished lobbies with a height of 4 meters and luxurious common areas creating coziness upon entering the building. An optical connection and a video intercom system for access control will be built next to each apartment in the residential park. The basement level is reached through a car ramp. The garage doors are sectional with automated remote control.